Mohammed Siddique Motiwala
Chairman, ZMSWCT

On behalf of Motiwala Group, we wish a warm welcome to our parents to the AMES & Pearls family.

Almighty Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran that we are the best of His creations, born to lead the world; and our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW said acquire knowledge, share it with others and it will increase.

It was a long-cherished dream to provide an educational institution to the community, which is an example of excellence. Not only in the field of academics; but nurturing humanity and brotherhood. A grooming place for the children to mould them into pious, confident and visionary individuals. Hence in the year 2009, the foundation was laid for AMES, this came up as a humble attempt to help students, see the world in a new light, and carry the mantle of leadership with ease and confidence. The joy of success made it possible to take our dream further in the form of establishing Pearls Academy in the year [mention the year]

At our schools, students are guided in their learning journey by a qualified and talented team of educators. These educators listen, facilitate, challenge and support the learners in order to create a productive and enlightened community. We are thankful to Allah SWT for selecting us for this great mission and guiding us in the noble cause. Inshallah, we will never rest on our laurels as the search for excellence is endless.

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